If you’re a person, and live somewhere on Earth, I can safely assume you’ve heard of Pokémon Go. It has 75 million players, more daily users than Twitter, and it’s coaxed a generation raised on video games out of their bedrooms to stomp around outdoors (albeit playing a video game) for fun.

But not everyone chooses to recognise Pokémon Go’s unquestionable social benefits. The internet’s teeming with people who “couldn’t care less” about Pokémon Go, but incidentally, those same people do care enough to use time and effort publicly declaring how little they care about it…

Now I’m not criticising people who’ve genuinely no interest in Pokémon Go (and I don’t know why I bothered saying that, as they obviously won’t be reading – if they did, they’d only prove my point). My beef’s with the self-righteous ones, scoffing and passing judgment instead of just letting other people enjoy it. I could liken them to militant vegans, but I won’t (or maybe I just did). I’ve digressed.

What I feel for those haters, who insist Pokémon Go’s a pile of shit despite never trying it, is pity. I refuse to meet their hatred with more hate, so instead what I’ll say is I feel sorry for them.

You see, they’ve already made their minds up about everything. They’re “too adult” for Pokémon, so won’t be embracing it, nor anything else they don’t immediately understand, but continue to mock anyone who does – out of bitterness – while dismissing it as a new-fangled fad that won’t last. It’s what some older people in the 1990s would’ve said about mobile phones and the internet.

These are the old people who out of stubbornness have still yet to receive an email, or use Facebook to trace distant relatives. Now almost entirely disconnected from the modern world, they’re fumbling in the dark of a self-prescribed bunker of ignorance – alone but for a few likeminded luddites.

I’m not sadistic enough to wish anyone that fate, so I pity them. I’m at level 20 by the way.


In the four years or so we’ve been living in Bethnal Green, we must’ve visited The Larder at least a dozen times. It’s easily one of the best spots for breakfast in the area, and although we’re not veggie ourselves, we haven’t once left dissatisfied after sampling its scrumptious vegetarian grub.

We popped in this morning for a cup of tea (strong black coffee for me), and I couldn’t resist ordering the posh egg and chips. A perfectly fried duck egg, crisp polenta chips and a spicy mix of beans and vegetables make this arguably one of the best brunches money can buy in East London.


And here’s a bonus photo of my fiancée at The Larder:


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Whenever I see a piece of clothing or a kids’ cuddly toy that’s been dropped in the street, I place it on the nearest railing or wall (in the faint hope they’ll come past again and find what they lost).

Surely the surprise would make your day, even if it was something very inexpensive or you weren’t very attached to it anyway. I just wish I could be there to see them find it, or at least I wish had some way of knowing if/when they do.


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“Put lipstick on a pig and it’s more than a pig” – David Cameron. 

No idea what it means, but I saw this and it hit me that I haven’t heard ‘Piggate’ mentioned in a while. You remember, the time we found out our glorious leader gets his kicks by sexually abusing dead animals (allegedly, but did anyone hear him deny it?). And was anyone really surprised? Not at all. Cameron’s capable of much worse, and he’s years left to prove it… So enjoy the ride (and be thankful you’re not a dead pig). 

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